Editors Pick: Wouter Van de Voorde


new normal (2013)

"The images in this series were taken between May and July of this year. Just as in my older series exploration and adventure are my driving forces. The relatively small distances I travel around the ACT often result in a significant shift in my perception. Locations call out to me like sirens, making me push the brakes while driving past, forcing me to walk around barren grounds aimlessly and dance the slow loris attempting to frame a single shot. Even after 5 years of living in this place I still feel very much like an outsider, which I have cultivated.

I never cease to be amazed at how different life is on this side of the world, the pictures with the cars in this series are a testimony to this feeling. These images are this year’s harvest from the Sandpit Party, an Australian micro-version of the Burning Man Festival. For two years in a row I have had the pleasure to be invited to this gathering. For a boy raised in a rural town in Flanders (Belgium) having roaring, beaten-up cars raced through dusty sand dunes by people dressed like they’re extras in a Mad Max movie is not normal, a desirable kind of surrealism to my greedy eyes.”


Wouter Van de Voorde


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  • Posted: 03 August 2013